About Us

WideTrial is a third-party sponsor of group-level Expanded Access programs (EAPs). The primary objective of any EAP is to provide pre-approval treatment options in situations of unmet medical need.

For us, the secondary objective is to generate clinical data from a larger and more representative set of patients within the target indication. Many patients do not meet the enrollment criteria of traditional research trials, and bringing them into the drug development process can be a win for all parties.

To achieve this win, we created WideTrial. Originally conceived as part of a non-profit organization in 2012, we launched WideTrial Inc. (WideTrial) as a commercial startup venture in late 2017. WideTrial uses a proprietary platform for aggregating raw clinical data from well-designed Expanded Access trials.

We are not a CRO; we are a builder of secondary data assets through EAPs that we create and sponsor, under partnership agreements with manufacturers.

WideTrial was founded by Jess Rabourn, who, since 2010 has served as a leading industry consultant on Expanded Access strategy and has delivered over 30 public presentations on the topic. We have built our management team and advisory network with the most experienced professionals in this space.

If your company’s investigational product is intended to treat or diagnose a serious unsolved disease or condition, talk with us about launching a meaningfully sized, well-designed Expanded Access program.